Transforming sustainable communities by the power of spatial analysis

May 17, 2023
5 min read

Anditi Pty Ltd (Anditi) is a spatial analytics company that utilises remote sensing information such as high-resolution LiDAR and imagery to provide high quality geospatial services to clients across the globe.

Anditi combines more than 20 years' experience in advanced spatial analytics using the latest high-performance computing technologies with significant domain knowledge in environmental assessment and management. LiDAR provides a rich data set that can be used to generate a range of inherent information that includes vegetation coverage, density, and structure as well as detailed landform characteristics and other facets usually lost in traditional GIS. Our ingenious solutions unlock the potential of LiDAR, imagery, and other spatial big data where precision, flexibility and scale make the difference.

Our analytics techniques can also combine LiDAR with RGB, Near Infrared, multispectral data, and other data sources such as satellite, thermal imagery, and other remotely sensed spatial data.

Our new-generation analytics platform differs from the standard software used by many LiDAR and imagery processing companies. It allows us to fuse disparate datasets together and work with extremely large datasets efficiently and rapidly using the patented technology we have developed.

Anditi’s state-of-the-art 3D web portal enables users to access the full power and depth of spatial data via a web browser. Utilised with this high-resolution 3D data, this provides a powerful tool for consultation, preliminary survey, design, planning and an ability to visualise an area in virtual reality rapidly.

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