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Change the Way You See the World

Anditi provide spatial insights at any scale, with unprecedented accuracy, tailored to your needs.

An Anditi Introduction

Combining more than 15 years’ experience in advanced spatial analytics and the latest high performance computing technologies, Anditi help people who depend on large and complex data to make better decisions, faster.

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The Anditi Architecture

Bringing Insight to Data

  • Management

    Data hosting and management solutions for efficiency and collaboration

  • Refinement

    Data alignment, structuring and cleansing to provide optimal conditions for analysis

  • Analysis

    Tailored data processing to derive specific products, metrics and insights for your situation

  • Visualisation

    Intuitive and dynamic data visualisations that bring your spatial information to life

Anditi can help you make sense of big data

From advanced spatial analysis to flexible, high-performance data processing, our solutions deliver fast, accurate results that drive innovation and efficiency across any industry.

  • Data analysis & refinement
  • Data hosting & management
  • Customised analytics
  • High performance computing
  • Dynamic 3D visualisations
  • Training & consultation
Raw Data Anditi Level Clarity
Raw Data Anditi Level Clarity

Fast, efficient & highly accurate

Inspired by the latest advances in software technology, and anchored in the experience of real-world projects, the Anditi team have crafted a revolutionary platform for high-precision spatial analytics.

  • Lightening fast from the optimal utilisation of computing resources

  • Massively scalable in data size and complexity

  • Highly modular and adaptable to easily customise outputs

  • Offering exceptional accuracy and feature detection performance

Better decisions, in half the time

Anditi unlock the potential of LiDAR, imagery and other spatial big data to help you streamline operations, create new business opportunities and improve decision-making, whatever your situation.