Terrain Modelling

DTM/DEM for slope analysis, urban analysis, mapping volumes, water flow analysis, non-intrusive surveying.

Hydrological Modelling

Hydro Enforced DEMs and Hydro Flattened DEMs for overland water flow, sheet flooding and pooling analysis.

Vegetation Analysis

Individual tree count identification, canopy coverages, stratification and height models as well as carbon storage estimates for development planning and sustainability target monitoring, Local Environmental Plans and Emergency Response/ Bushfire Analysis

Asset Indentification

Building footprints and feature identification for baselining asset locations, asset monitoring, maintenance, asset optimisation and Smart City Planning. Locate, view and optimise your assets such as bridges, culverts, drainage pits, retaining walls, concrete channels, roads and urban trees.

Ortho Mosaic

Imagery, coloured point clouds and classified LiDAR viewable online with our 3D portal for safe desktop surveys and simple, engaging community consultation. Extracted features, derived products and GIS Layers exported for use in local GIS system.

Custom Built Solutions

Facing a specific challenge? With a wealth of LiDAR expertise, an end to end custom built analytics engine, and some of the brightest problem solving minds in Australia, we're uniquely equipped to solve your data analytics challenges.

Case Studies

Qena Malleefowl

Location, Identification and count of Malleefowl nesting mounds

Enhancing Road Safety and Reducing Heatwaves with Tree Planting

Unveiling the Blacktown project

Case Study: Environmental Assessment Using LiDAR Data and Near-Ground Feature Detection Algorithms

The search for Malleefowl in the outback

BuildCert - Building Certification Study

Our client BuildCert have saved millions of dollars and time using our software.

Railway corridor assessment with LiDAR

LIDAR and Remonsed Sensing, streamlines Railway operations

AI Driven Road Asset Management and Road Safety Analysis

Road Safety AI Project for Main Roads Western Australia

Lake Macquarie City Council Asset and Sustainability Monitoring

Remote sensing and LIDAR solutions for Lake Macquarie City Council

Great Victoria Desert LiDAR Malleefowl Mound Detection

Great Victoria Desert - LIDAR-Derived Endangered Species Habitat Identification

Maximising Lake Macquarie City Council’s LiDAR Dataset

LIDAR-Derived Solutions for Local and State Government Councils

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What is a DEM/DTM?


LiDAR delivers a massive point cloud with elevation values. But height can come from the top of buildings, tree canopy, powerlines, and other features. A DSM captures the natural and built features on the Earth’s surface.
A DSM is useful in 3D modeling for telecommunications, urban planning and aviation. Because objects extrude from the Earth, this is particularly useful in these examples:Digital Surface Model (DSM) – Extruding features are tree canopy

RUNWAY APPROACH ZONE ENCROACHMENT: In aviation, DSMs can determine runway obstructions in the approach zone.
VEGETATION MANAGEMENT: Along a transmission line, DSMs can see where and how much vegetation is encroaching.
VIEW OBSTRUCTION: Urban planners use DSM to check how a proposed building would affect the viewshed of residents and businesses.

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What is LiDAR?


LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an active remote sensing method, where a sensor emits and captures short wavelengths of light to measure objects in high resolution.Urban areas are complex environments, and the ability of LiDAR to measure in three dimensions makes it more accurate in measuring the proportion and spatial distribution of tree canopies across these areas. LIDAR data sets are not limited to the tree canopy and vegetation of urban areas but can also provide high accuracy models for building footprints, digital terrain, and flood modelling.

How do I get a LIDAR data set?


You can provide us with your own data, (depending on the quality) or we will acquire the required data for your project through our industry leading capture partners, then analyse, assess and quality check the data and extract valuable tailored solutions for your needs.

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