Endangered species habitat identification using LIDAR

September 13, 2022
5 min read

Malleefowl are listed as Vulnerable nationally and extinct in the Northern Territory. Habitat loss was, and continues to be, the biggest threat, with much of their former range cleared for agriculture or substantially modified by sheep, cattle, goats and rabbits. Their remaining distribution is severely fragmented, and isolated populations increase the species’ risk of extinction. We are proud to have assisted the dedicated conservation groups and volunteers over their years of hard work, identifying and protecting the species.

For the past 5 years, Anditi has been assisting the National Malleefowl Recovery Group with advanced analytics to monitor and protect malleefowl, an Australian endangered species. Malleefowl mound identification was traditionally a tedious, expensive and difficult manual process. And required a line of volunteered manpower, trudging through bush and desert for thousands of kilometres a few metres apart.

Anditi’s patented solution has become an industry leader for malleefowl mound detection with 50+ projects completed in Australia and hundreds of mounds detected for preservation. Instead of physically visiting large areas and checking for mounds, we provide spatial data captured by remote sensors that automatically pinpoint them.

Anditi is so proud to be providing sustainable solutions for our home's environment, passionate volunteers and the conservation groups monitoring them.

“We have had 150 mounds marked in the Riverina thanks to your LiDAR. We really only knew of about 40 so was a great success!!!” - David Kellett (Riverina Local Land Services).

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