Announcing a new, exciting Partnership with TomTom

September 13, 2022
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Anditi is pleased to announce a formal partnership with global technology and navigation specialists: TomTom.

Anditi has been working with TomTom for the past 18 months developing techniques to extract road asset and maintenance information from MoMa data and has recently become TomTom’s first Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the data in the Asia Pacific, and currently the only VAR for TomTom globally.

This relationship has been built on the back of TomTom’s data capture capabilitie and Anditi’s world class patented system for end-to-end data transformation. Put simply, TomTom collects high-resolution LiDAR and imagery in vehicles and passes it to Anditi to process, host, analyse and visualise the data in a neat, easy to use portal. Faster algorithms and novel processing techniques allow Anditi to analyse this data in near real-time.

The richness and accuracy of road features that Anditi has been able to derive from MoMa and MN-R data are being used to provide leading edge solutions to a broad range of planning, development, road safety and management activities for the Road & Traffic industry.

“We’re thrilled to be working with TomTom. It’s just a partnership that really makes sense for us. Their data is brilliant, and such high-resolution that the analytics we can perform on it is cutting-edge. The Team at TomTom understand our drive to create better solutions for industry with data. They want to make roads safer and lead the charge in the CAV space, and that’s something we can really help with.”

– Peter Jamieson, Anditi Managing Director.

Together, Anditi and TomTom have been working closely with iRAP (International Road Assessment Programme) and in the development of Ai-RAP (accelerated and intelligent Road Assessment Program). iRAP is a global initiative adopted across many countries for measuring the safety level of roads (examples are: usRAP, EuroRAP, AusRAP, KiwiRAP, ThaiRAP, IndonesiaRAP). Key solutions for these programmes include feature extraction for road asset management and maintenance as well as road safety ratings. Anditi is currently extracting more than 50 road asset and safety features such as poles, streetlights, trees, centrelines, safety barriers, road markings, median types, landform characteristics etc. In addition to road features, two exciting capabilities Anditi has developed that can utilise TomTom’s MoMa data are clash detection and swept path analysis for heavy vehicles.

In partnership, TomTom and Anditi are working to create a new international standard in the Roads & Traffic Industry for automatically identifying the safety and quality of roads and accompanying assets. The combined offering delivers highly valuable information to regulators and road managers that will continue to raise the standards in road assessment and create safer roads across the globe.

This partnership is well aligned with Anditi’s intent to assist in creating more sustainable global communities by empowering people and organisations to be more informed, more resourceful and more efficient.

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