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The Anditi Technology

Anditi's ground-breaking technology arises from a deep understanding of spatial big data. It has been designed from first principles by leading practitioners to ensure the robust delivery of cutting-edge data analytics capabilities.

Flexible Workflows

Anditi’s software is highly configurable in terms of data handling, storage and processing. A granular workflow and plug-in architecture allows the analytics to be tailored to the task at hand. Workflows can be easily built from an extensive plug-in library, with new plug-ins continually being developed and tested.

The software integrates smoothly with existing systems and formats, and data is available for further query at any time during analysis.

High Performance Engine

Our specially developed database and file structures provide high levels of data compression and speed of access. This combines with an innovative file indexing method to enable fast parallel processing whilst maintaining data fidelity, integrity and context.

The software can utilise a wide variety of computing resources with extreme resource efficiency due to its intelligent, in-built optimisation routines. It is lean and massively scalable, unencumbered by the limitations of standard distributed computing frameworks.

Precision Analysis

The Anditi software easily fuses massive data sets of different types from multiple sources, all while maintaining pristine data integrity. Innovative dataset refinement algorithms maximise the extractable value of the data within and across domains.

Advanced point cloud classification, feature detection and image processing algorithms have been meticulously designed to facilitate unprecedented levels of insight. Intelligent data handling and adaptive visualisation keep storage requirements and processing times to a minimum, and enable smooth end-user interaction.

Turning Technology Into Solutions

Anditi's software solutions have been built from the ground up to revolutionise the management, processing and visualisation of spatial big data. Explore the Anditi solutions to see how we apply this ground-breaking technology to meet your needs.

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