Special Introductory Offer - Anditi

This “Special Introductory Offer” (the Offer) which is made to you by us, entitles you to a 20% discount off your NewSite annual plan for a period of 24 months, from the date you activate your plan. This Offer is available to new customers signing up before January 31, 2019.

By submitting your payment details, you accept the Offer, and consent to us using your payment details in line with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
If you decide not to renew your plan at the end of the 12 months, you can cancel your subscription by logging into your account and following the prompts on the accounts page.

To claim your full 24 month discount available to you under the Offer, simply leave your account to automatically renew for the second Term, and we’ll do the rest!

If you wish to upgrade your plan during the 24 month period, the Offer will apply to your new Subscription Level for the remaining of the Term. To upgrade your Package or Subscription Level during the Offer period, contact us via the Website.