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Better decisions. Faster.

Shaped by years of hands-on experience, Anditi have created a suite of big data solutions that facilitate higher quality outcomes, quicker and at lower cost — whatever the industry.

What problem can Anditi solve for you?

Data analysis and refinement

Get maximum value from your data — Anditi's wide range of diagnostic and optimisation routines reduce data noise and misalignment, minimise storage requirements, and accelerate processing speeds while maintaining full data resolution and integrity. LiDAR point clouds are our speciality.

Customised analytics

Insights specifically tailored to your needs — Anditi's flexible data processing and feature detection algorithms deliver precise metrics and insights from LiDAR, imagery, and other spatial data. Across any domain of interest on any scale, our solutions give you the means to resolve specific challenges and unlock opportunities, whatever your business.

Dynamic 3D visualisations

See your world in precise detail — Anditi provide powerful solutions to dynamically visualise point clouds and other spatial datasets at high resolution on any device. Intuitive and appealing, all visual output can be exported or rendered in a wide range of formats.

Data hosting & management

Always secure, always available — Spatial data hosting for any industry, visualised and tracked with metadata features for easy overview and management. Anditi's innovative strategy enhances project understanding and promotes efficiency and collaboration throughout your organisation.

High performance computing

Spatial datasets have grown 10 million times in the past 15 years — and the trend continues. Anditi's high performance computing system has been meticulously engineered to meet this challenge. Lightening fast and massively scalable, the platform delivers unparallelled results for any big data processing problem.

Training and consultation

Knowledge sharing adapted to your needs — The team at Anditi are experts in all aspects of spatial big data, with a particular fondness for LiDAR and point clouds. From capture recommendations to advice on database design, we have training and consultation services to suit your situation.

Any industry at any size

Anditi provide agile solutions to any industry or field, based on any type and scale of spatial data, streamlining operations, creating new business opportunities and informing key decisions wherever precise spatial insights are required.

Our customer service promise

Bringing insight to data is about clarity of understanding and absolute attention to detail. Beyond the numbers, the Anditi team promise rapid, high-performance customer service with a flexible and intelligent approach that matches the platform.

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