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Consultancy Services

We have been delivering high value, cutting-edge consultancy projects for more than 15 years. We specialise in automated feature detection. From vegetation analysis to built environment characteristics, to change detection, and digital elevation models – we have you covered. We’re also experts in the our field when it comes to identifying encroachments on powerlines and infrastructure. Take a look below and choose from our wide range of consultancy services.

Research Solutions

Do you have a spatial data challenge you’re not sure can be solved? From creating unique feature detection algorithms, to repairing low quality data sets, we love a new challenge. Let’s talk!


3D Visualisations

Seeing is believing. Gain perfect understanding of your world with 3D visualisations, transects, models and fly throughs. We can provide you with ways to dynamically visualise point clouds and other spatial datasets at high resolution on any device.

Artistic Rivers 1

Landform & Drainage

From elevations with hill shade, to contours, impact of flooding, and drainage patterns and flow. We work at any scale, with great detail, and deliver in a fraction of the time compared to using traditional methods.

  • Landform analysis - Elevation with hill shade, contours, rate of change of slope, etc
  • Impact of flooding, sea level rise, etc.
  • Drainage – pattern, flow accumulation, etc
  • Terrain maps

Vegetation & Environment

Utilise the power of spatial big data to better understand fundamental relationships and improve environmental outcomes across vast areas. With Anditi’s game-changing precision and analytical consistency, you can save time, reduce risk, and utilise your resources more effectively to identify new opportunities or identify issues with vegetation and environmental factors, without having to do physical on-site assessments.

  • Digital canopy models
  • Canopy contours / tree heights
  • Vegetation encroachment / overhang analysis
  • Sensitive habitat / species analysis
  • Bushfire hazard assessment
  • Tree counts and distribution


Our spatial data analysis for the property industry means that you can get faster results in fewer site visits. Using our core engine capabilities you can assess property characteristics, perform quantitative evaluations and effectively communicate the results across any sized space. Change analysis, building footprints, fields of view and shading impact.

  • Property and land areas
  • Building footprints, heights, volumes, roof pitch, etc
  • Fields of view and shading impact
  • Vegetation encroachment / overhang analysis
  • Bushfire hazard assessment
  • Solar potential analysis
  • Existing solar systems – locations and characteristics
  • Swimming pools – locations and characteristics
  • Urban maps and maps of schools, unis, etc.

Roads & Infrastructure

Streamline the planning, construction and maintenance of roads, railways, powerlines — all of your infrastructure assets. Built on patented data processing technology, we offer the most advanced, accurate and scalable spatial analytic services, completely automated.

  • Auto detect vegetation on side of road and identify if encroaching or posing risk
  • Measurement reports on road curves
  • Automatically measure distances between obstacles on roads
  • Create field of view assessments
  • Identify kerbs, signs, driveways and other features that may have changed over time and require attention or improvements
  • Link to other data available for a multi-source data analysis

Potential malleefowl mounds were identified in less than 0.5% of the time it would have taken to perform a traditional ground survey.

Consultancy for Bespoke Outcomes

If our list of standard services doesn’t have what you need, we can work with you on a custom consultancy project. We’ve worked in the spatial data industry solving the impossible for 15 years, and with our team of research and development experts, we love a challenge. We have worked with Universities and governing bodies to develop custom algorithms that allow us to use the Anditi core engine to do just about any kind of feature detection you’re looking for.

From identifying malleefowl mounds across thousands of kilometres of land or cleansing and classifying a dataset that is low quality and/or misaligned, we have the experience you need to develop a cost effective, fast and scalable solution for your data requirements.

Work smarter with site information on your desktop

Looking for a way to save time and money by working smarter? Now you can access and collaborate on sites from the comfort of your desk, without the expensive software or costly data acquisition. Anditi means you can access an app tailored to your industry with a simple, affordable subscription. It’s quick, it’s accurate, and it’s easy to use.