Rockingham Industry Zone - Anditi

Rockingham Industry Zone

LandCorp, Western Australia

The Challenge

LandCorp, the Western Australian Government’s land and development agency, was seeking to develop one of the few remaining parcels of land suitable for industrial development in proximity to Perth.

The site has several significant ecological attributes including a substantial population of mature Tuarts which provide nesting habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cookatoo.

The proposed Rockingham Industry Zone required the removal or disturbance of a number of Tuarts and therefore needed Commonwealth approval before development could commence.

The Solution

The aim was to identify habitat trees within the proposed disturbance zone and then offset their potential loss through planting in the buffer zone around the site or on suitable land elsewhere.

Traditional survey methods had been attempted prior to Anditi’s involvement but they were slow, expensive and inaccurate, and after 2 months less than one third of the area had been completed with unreliable results.

Anditi and sister company Umwelt embarked upon an alternate approach using targeted ecological field survey to identify the characteristics of key Tuarts combined with analysis of LiDAR and high resolution aerial imagery.

  1. Targeted field survey
  2. Key species analysis
  3. LiDAR
  4. Aerial imagery
  5. Biodiversity offsets
Significant habitat trees in the proposed industry zone

The Outcome

Within 3 weeks of being commissioned, ecological field surveys had been completed and analysed, and remote sensing data had been captured and processed. A week later, the location of all significant Tuarts had been identified and mapped, and a report was compiled for LandCorp.

The report was provided to the Commonwealth and approval for the Rockingham Industry Zone was granted within weeks, after previously being stalled for months while this issue was resolved.

The total cost for successful completion with Anditi was one fifth of the amount earlier expended on the inadequate traditional techniques.

  • Lower costs

    Project expenses dramatically reduced

  • Faster results

    Completion and sign off within weeks

  • Successful outcome

    Issue resolved and development approval granted

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