Outback roads in Queensland - Anditi

Outback roads in Queensland

Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland

The Challenge

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads were looking to obtain accurate survey data utilising remote sensing for a 115 km stretch of the Burke Development Road in the remote north of the state.

The brief required aerial LiDAR to be captured at 16 points/m2 and a vertical accuracy of 5 cm for 60 m either side of the centreline of the road. An additional 600 m was to be captured at 2-4 points/m2 with a vertical accuracy of 15 cm. Survey control points were required at 5 km intervals.

Critically, the lower resolution data was to be corrected in post-processing to achieve a vertical accuracy that matched the higher resolution data along the full extent of the survey area. A true challenge in spatial data refinement!

The Solution

MNG was commissioned to capture the LiDAR data, and MNG engaged Anditi to correct and align the high resolution and low resolution datasets to the required specifications.

Approximately 100 flight paths were required to accurately capture LiDAR over the survey area. Strong cross winds and gusts during the survey caused turbulence which turned out to have localised impacts on the data quality.

Anditi cleansed, classified and aligned the data by developing algorithms that enabled areas affected by turbulence to be detected and treated. Flight paths were then aligned using survey points and features in the data to produce a 3D correction field for each flight path.

  1. Aerial LiDAR
  2. Automatic point cloud classification
  3. Advanced data diagnostics
  4. 3D correction fields
  5. Refined Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

The Outcome

The result of Anditi’s processing was a fully classified high resolution 3D point cloud with ground points that had a vertical accuracy of 5 cm across the whole survey area. Areas of the data corresponding to the ground surface, vegetation, water and man-made features such as roads, culverts, bridges and buildings were fully delineated.

Thanks to the precision analytics technology and know-how, Transport and Main Roads received accurate road survey data along this extensive stretch of outback road, cost-efficiently and according to specification, despite challenging capture conditions.

  • Lower costs

    Large-scale road survey from aerial remote sensing

  • Premium quality

    Ensured by advanced data diagnostics and refinement

  • Consistent accuracy

    Precise results achieved across the entire project area

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