Spatial Data and Why it Matters to You

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We often introduce Anditi as an innovative tech company that provides custom analytics on spatial data in easy-to-use software. But before we get too much further than that, we have found that many people stop us and have to ask “what is spatial analytics?”, “what is spatial data?” and “why would that be useful to someone like me?” So we thought we would write this post to help those of you who don’t know what spatial data is or what can be done with it, and explain why you should care about it as a part of your life or business.

So, what is spatial data?

Spatial data is an umbrella term for any information collected that relates to where something is in space. And by space, we don’t mean up with the stars in the sky, we mean where it is, its location, in relation to the things around it. For example you might want to know where a house is positioned on a block of land or in a street. Spatial data is collected by surveying equipment in satellites, planes, helicopters, drones, phones, cars, etc.

It is up to companies like Anditi to take raw spatial data, process it and extract pieces of information for those who want to find out more, giving them what we refer to as “spatial insights” or “spatial analytics”.

We take all different types of data that tell us about places, buildings and land and then stitch it all together so that you can see everything from how new solar panels might sit on a roof, to where road surfaces have degraded and need council attention. The applications are endless. Using the tools we have developed, you can accurately measure things like the distance between buildings, how far a roof is off the ground, how thick a tree trunk is, and how much energy your solar panels will generate considering elements such as shading from trees in your backyard and the angle of your roof to the sun. We provide businesses with all of these capabilities without them having to leave the office.

Management, refinement, analysis and visualisation of spatial data

Regardless of what your interests or business ventures are, spatial data is something you’ve probably used many times in your life without realising the other business applications. Google maps and other GPS smartphone apps are a great example of people using spatial data to make decisions every day without even realising that’s what it’s called.

Building certification, council approvals, solar installation, development planning, insurance inspections, real estate, bush fire assessments, road survey, drainage analysis, flood modelling – our data processing and visualisation save time and money for all these areas and more! While we have been regularly engaged to do this work on a project basis, we are now enabling all of our team’s knowledge and experience in delivering spatial insights to be accessible in easy-to-use online software for businesses of any size.

Check out the Anditi video below

Now when you see the Anditi tagline of ‘spatial insights at any scale’, you’ll know it’s a tech savvy way of saying that we retrieve useful information out of all the spatial data that is collected on the built and natural environments.

So if you use, could use, or need spatial data insights in your day-to-day business operations, talk to us. Chances are we can increase your productivity and improve your bottom line. If you would like to see some examples, please go to our case studies page, or simply get in touch and let’s talk about how Anditi could help you!