Powering the New Generation of Asset Monitoring

Be warned, this is a piece of data art, simple yet somehow really mesmerizing… No prize for guessing what it is!

Many believe that data is “the” new energy. It then stands to reason that its analytics is that which actually powers commerce, industry, government, and the world.

Working with spatial data every day, we can categorically say that in its raw form it speaks no language to those beyond the experts. Without its translation, it’s “noisy” and pretty useless in delivering real information to those who need to be informed by it. Case in point, the LiDAR data that became this power line has required quite some work and our “engine” for you to recognise what it is.

Anditi’s specialised analytics enables the extraction and translation into high-quality, timely, and actionable information our clients’ can understand and be guided by. In some instances their solutions requiring us to fuse multiple types to do so.

Stay tuned as we are developing a case study to explain exactly how this piece of power line Anditi art became real answers for our client. Answers that will enable significant reduction in cost, hassle, and ongoing risk.