Launching Anditi Art

Celebrating technology and our beautiful city with Data Art

With everything we do, we aim to challenge the traditional way of thinking and find better, more sustainable solutions for our customers. The result? A different perspective, and a new way of problem solving the challenges in the world around us.

We speak in numbers, algorithms and code to explore and analyse the environment we live in. Frequently, the combination of analysis and beautiful data creates an expression of art like no other.

“Our analytics and development team get to create some truly beautiful things, mostly in the form of algorithms and code that most of us don’t understand. Anditi’s Art gives us an opportunity to show other people just how beautiful what they’ve done is,”

Anditi’s Director Peter Jamieson.

“We’re pleased to release our Coastal Newcastle Collection, which features a bit of the art we showed at Surfest last year… We’re really looking to be able to expand and show people just how beautiful Newcastle and the Hunter is through our eyes.”

Each artwork highlights an iconic location in our beloved Newcastle, and has been mathematically generated by showing the change in height between each individual point in space. Wonderfully complex to calculate, superbly unique to look at. Anditi Art is beautiful data. The locations include; Newcastle Coastline, Merewether Beach, Glenrock Reserve, Nobbys Headland, Newcastle Ocean Baths, Dixon Park, Strezelecki, Bogey Hole and the Cowrie Hole.

Visit our new website and see what we’ve got on display at We hope you love it as much as we’ve loved creating it.

Change the way you see the world with Anditi Art; a true celebration of technology and our hometown of Newcastle.