Know Your Risks? Automated Analytics for Asset Owners and Insurers

“As safe as houses” meant “secure with no risk of failure” in Victorian times but now? Anditi was asked to test the theory.

Climate change or variability is a real threat to many organisations, particularly insurers, government, asset owners, infrastructure, and vegetation managers. Many require fast, accurate, and easily interpreted information to drive decisions in dealing with the increasing regularity and impact of weather events. The key is to accurately evaluate the risks before, and required response immediately after.

Though it’s relatively simple to capture LiDAR and imagery, it takes quite some time and expertise to process it into actionable information and visualisations your people can work with while you wait.

Our challenge – to take raw captured data and translate it into visualisations the non-geodata-savvy can work from to make fast calculated decisions. Further that this process can be embedded in an organisation’s process and is infinitely repeatable, and entirely scalable.

These are some of our results – all automatic, scalable, repeatable, and fast.

Another example of deeper insight and better outcomes powered by advanced datascience and the art and energy of spatial data.