Anditi one of the Top 5 most promising Innovation Companies

Anditi has been selected as one of the top 5 most promising innovation companies from the Hunter region this year. As a part of the program, Anditi was invited to join the Start-Up Express as well as the Start House exhibition at CeBIT last week, both initiatives from The Business Centre in Newcastle.

Along with 22 other start-ups, Anditi attended the three-day technology conference in Sydney to show what a thriving, innovative ecosystem Newcastle and its surrounds currently boasts.

“We’re here because all of us, we thought, we need to represent our region, the Hunter, and as well the Central Coast, with our capital Newcastle down in Sydney and make a mark, make a mark of how good our ecosystem is in innovation, tech”.

Pierre Malou, CEO of The Business Centre

Heath Raftery of Newie Ventures, Dr Antony Martin of Rapid Phenotyping and Dr Stephen Craig of Anditi.

As part of the unique opportunity, Anditi was selected to pitch to a room of investors at a pitch night hosted by EY

“It was an incredible opportunity; we’ve spoken to so many people about Anditi over the last few years, but never in such a concise way and to such a diverse group of people. It was excellent to be able to talk about Anditi’s value proposition and get feedback from some of the best in the field. For us, it’s all about transforming the way we use information, for a more sustainable future. The amount of information being captured and created at the moment is enormous. And we see ourselves as being at the cutting edge in terms of how we use information to create value, save resources, and change industries”

Anditi’s Founder, Peter Jamieson.

The EY pitch night, hosted by Kathryn Sforcina, Founder of In Her Pursuit was also a highlight for the team from The Business Centre. They’ve been working tirelessly to support regional start-ups for the past 15 years.

“We had an amazing evening hosted by EY, a pitch event where we took Newcastle to the world, that is probably a highlight”


“Through this experience we’ve met so many people that we can help, and they can help us, it’s been a wonderful event. I think the difference has been, a lot of the time you have industries and companies that are competing, and the difference I think here with Start House has been, we’ve got a whole heap of start-ups who are looking to support each other, and actively collaborate to create a smarter city, and a better Newcastle,”

Annika Jamieson.

Pierre Malou, CEO Business Centre Interview from Anditi on Vimeo.