Anditi on the move, to build a smarter Newcastle

For the last three years Anditi has enjoyed lakeside views in humble Teralba, in a state of the art building designed by Managing Director Peter Jamieson. While the team will be sad to leave the space they’ve grown so fond of, it’s a smart venture for Anditi, who will move into the Newcastle Innovation Hub at Eighteen04.

Sharing the residence with like minded technology enthusiasts, Anditi will take up the third floor alongside SwitchDin, Fernlawn Environmental and Newie Ventures. The space not only affords Anditi the ability to continue growing, it grants connection to the Newcastle Fibre network, and room for a ping pong table. More importantly the move offers the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best minds in Newcastle.

“In the past we’ve had a system where it’s the first to cross the line or the last one standing is the only one that wins. But that’s so wasteful. If we can get to where we get many across the line through collaboration, then as community we’ll reduce our footprint enormously and will have a much better, much faster development rate and get to a smart city a lot quicker”

Peter Jamieson, Managing Director Anditi.

Teaming up with Dr Andrew Mears, CEO SwitchDin, in an interview the pair were asked what the aim of the innovation hub at Eighteen04 is.

“It’s a case of one plus one equals three. This is about leveraging our individual comparative advantages to really take on global markets. And that’s the goal here”

Dr Mears.

“Being an entrepreneur is what someone once told me, is hard work, a lot of disappointment and sometimes success. As much support as you can get in that space, it’s really important to do that. And us moving into Eighteen04, being part of the innovation hub is a really important part of that”

Peter Jamieson

Anditi has expanded from 6 employees to 18 over the last 12 months, with projection to grow significantly more by the end of 2019. Gaining significant traction on a national and international stage, Anditi’s offers both ‘off the shelf’ analytics products to Hunter businesses, as well as custom built innovative solutions for big corporations internationally.

To watch the full interview with Andrew and Peter, click here.